On 19 November 2018, I waved goodbye to my daughter and started a five-day trip that would bring me to Chania, Crete, Greece. Via Germany and Austria, I arrived in Venice, Italy, where later in the evening of 20 November, I drove my fully loaded Citroen Berlingo into one of the decks of the ferry, which would bring me in two days and nights to Patras, Greece. On the morning of 22 November, I arrived in Patras. After enjoying the sun, souvlakia, and the beautiful views during a two hours drive, I arrived in Piraeus, where I had to wait a few hours before I could take the second ferry, which would bring me in six hours to Souda, the harbor of Chania.

Harbor of Piraeus

In the early morning of 23 November, I arrived in Chania, where I enjoyed my double espresso and the view of the Old Venetian Harbor. I was tired, but also happy, that I made it so far!

Old Venetian Harbor of Chania

Now, two years later a lot has changed. Earlier this year I decided together with my children, to sell our house in Tilburg, the Netherlands. On 26 August it went on the market and exactly two days later, on my birthday, we (me, and my daughter, who was spending her holiday in Crete) received a call from our real estate agent that the house was sold and that the passing date would be around the middle of October.

My house on sale

So, suddenly I had a lot on my mind because there were only six weeks to get the house empty and everything in order, but I was relieved, and because there would be some money left after paying off the mortgage, I was able to buy a small house in Crete.

At the end of October, I bought a very nice traditional house in Drakona (Kolymbari), which I will start renovating in the second half of December, so the story continues…

My Cretan house in Drakona

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